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A routine yearly vaccination programm, unlike for dogs or cats does  not exist for pet birds. That´s why every bird should come at least once a year for a clinical exam. A bacterial exam reveals the presence of  pathogenic  bacteria which then can be treated before they lead to  disease. Therefore we take swabs from the mucosa or feces. It takes 4-5 days for a result and then the therapeutic aspect will be discussed.

Dead birds for a necropsy can be sent. Please wrap the dead birds in papertowels without freezing them.


For the breeders, the exams take place before the breeding season in order to avoid microbiological transmission to the offspring. For petbirds the exams can be done whenever it seems necessary. Dead birds should always be examined.


The material can be sent directly or adequate swabs, conservation liquids etc for this purpose  can be ordered in our shop.


Feathers from infected skin areas can be used.


Fresh feces can be used to detect parasites like worms, coccidia, flagellates or megbacteria. Germs like chlamydia, salmonella, etc can be found.


Blood is used for biochemistry, hematology or virology (Borna, PBFD etc), bloodsamples are taken in our praxis.


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